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The 2023 FIFA World Cup is planned for the first time in a Middle East country. Despite all the speculation, corruption scandals and proceedings, the Arab country is already in full swing preparing for the tournament, which in its scale and organizational aspects can at least partially surpass the recent World Cup games in the Russian Federation.

As the organizers themselves admitted, it will be difficult for them to achieve the same level and professionalism in organizational matters as Russia did. At the same time, according to the Qataris, their championship will be remembered for a long time not only by the fans, but also by the guests of the country.

Championship organizer

The organizer of the tournament, which will take place in a little more than four years, was announced at the end of 2010 in Switzerland. In total, nine applications were accepted for consideration from countries wishing to host championships in subsequent years.

A joint application came from Spain and Portugal, as well as Belgium and the Netherlands. England, Russia, the United States of America, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico expressed their wishes for a football tournament singly.

Qatar and South Korea have proposed themselves as contenders for the 2023 World Cup. Voting took place in several rounds. The competitive race for the right to host the 2023 FIFA World Cup was most active between Qatar and the United States of America, and as a result, Qatar won with a significant advantage in votes.

The chairman of the organizing committee of the FIFA World Cup, Khalid Al Naama, spoke for the first time about the potential of Qatar, as well as about the competitive period that took place in Russia. According to the chairman, the Russians have raised an extremely high bar for other countries, showing a really high-quality organization of the World Cup. Al Naam noted that Qatar will do everything possible to organize the championship at a decent level, no worse than the previous organizers did, to acquaint guests with the traditions and culture of the Arab world.

What year will it be

The twenty-second international football tournament will be held in 2023 in one of the most interesting Middle Eastern countries for Europeans – Qatar.

The FIFA World Cup was originally planned for the winter. In summer, the average daily temperature in the Middle East reaches 45-50 o C, which, according to doctors, may not have the best effect on the health of the guests of the World Cup. In the winter months, during the daytime, the air temperature is kept within 25-27 o C, which corresponds to the European summer. Initially, the International Olympic Committee and most European football associations were strongly opposed to the “winter” World Cup, which knocked down all the schedules of the football season.

According to the Emir of Qatar, the organizers were ready to host the World Cup in the summer, having initially submitted an application specifically for the summer period. But the last word remained with FIFA, whose representatives came to the conclusion that, given the climatic characteristics of the host country, it would be wrong to hold the World Cup in the summer.

The Emir also noted that today an innovative air conditioning system has been installed at one of the existing stadiums participating in the world football championship, which cools the air to an optimal temperature favorable for the health of fans.

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World Cup stadiums

The construction and reconstruction of all stadiums are planned to be completed by 2023.

Al-Bait stadium

Its construction is underway in the city of Al-Khor, which is located 60 kilometers from the capital. The stadium got its name from the Arabic phrase, which in translation means “nomadic tent”, and will look like its original copy. The outer dome will completely cover the entire stadium. The maximum number of seats is 60,000, most of them will be dismantled after the end of the championship. According to the organizers, the seats from this stadium will be donated to countries where it is planned to develop football at the local level.

Al Rayyan stadium

Its construction is taking place in the city of Er-Rayyan. It is planned to place 40,000 seats for the fans, which will subsequently also be partially dismantled, as from the Al-Bait stadium, and transferred to developing countries.

Al-Tumama stadium

Construction is underway in the capital. The contours of this architectural object will resemble the traditional male headdress worn by the Arabs. After the end of the tournament, some of the seats are dismantled for transportation to third world countries.

Al-Wakrah Stadium

The structure is designed for 40,000 seats. At the end of the tournament, only twenty thousand will remain, most of the disassembled seats will be transferred to the implementation of projects aimed at the development of sports in third world countries.

Stadium “Educational City”

Its active construction is underway in the so-called “Student City” in the capital of Doha and is adjacent to the largest universities in the country.

Khalifa stadium

Belongs to the category of international, completely renovated and is already in operation for local football matches and competitions. The arena seats over 40,000 fans. Dismantling is not provided, the object will be further used for major sports and cultural events.

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Lusail stadium

This is one of the most impressive sports facilities, which will be the main venue for the opening match and the final match in November-December 2023. The stadium will be able to accommodate over 85,000 fans. The most interesting fact related to the Lusail stadium is that the city where the large-scale sports facility is being built began to be built itself a little over 10 years ago.

Ras Abu Abud stadium

It can be called one of the most interesting arenas of the championship. Designed for 40,000 seats. The object will be completely disassembled after the end of the World Cup. Of particular interest to the stadium among football fans and supporters is due to the fact that it was built using shipping containers. It is this element that is fundamental for the construction of a sports facility. The stadium is modular, so it will be dismantled quickly and sent to other countries for the implementation of various kinds of commercial projects.

According to the organizers of the World Cup, the transformation of sports facilities that will be specially erected for the FIFA World Cup is a compulsory measure. The population of Qatar is small, so locals simply do not need such large-scale arenas.

The remaining areas will be used directly for local competitions and training of local football teams.

The plans are to build eight stadiums in the next two years, where matches will be held. One stadium is completely ready (construction completed in 2017) and has already been put into operation. Two stadiums (30-40% ready) will be commissioned by the end of 2019, three more in 2020, and the rest in 2023. At the request of FIFA, all objects must be completed by the end of 2023.

A plan for further operation has already been developed for each stadium. Only a few objects will not go through the dismantling stage and will continue to be used for tournaments, matches and sports competitions. Partial dismantling of seats will take place at at least five stadiums, with the conversion of the vacated territory into entertainment, shopping and leisure facilities.

The main task of the organizers is to continue to operate the sports facilities, excluding even the possibility of their abandonment. After the championship, two stadiums will be completely dismantled and transferred for further exploitation for commercial purposes by interested parties.

FIFA demanded that the organizers of the 2023 FIFA World Cup take all measures aimed at improving the quality of stay at the stadiums for fans – even in winter months, the average daily air temperature can exceed 27-31 o C, which can create obvious inconveniences for guests and participants of the tournament … Therefore, the issue of equipping stadiums with special climate control systems that maintain optimal air humidity and temperature inside sports facilities is already being addressed.

According to preliminary information, it is planned to spend more than two hundred billion dollars on the construction of facilities and infrastructure near the venues of the games, this will be the largest expenses in the entire history of the tournament. For example, the Russian Federation spent $ 12 billion on the 2018 World Cup.

Interesting Facts

  1. Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup for the first time in the country’s history.
  2. The competition will be held for the first time in the Middle East.
  3. The Qatari football team has never played in the World Cup.
  4. Doha will be the first settlement in football history where football games will be held at six stadiums at once.
  5. Qatar is a state where the form of government is an absolute monarchy.
  6. For the first time in the history of its existence, the World Cup will be held in the country of the Arab world.
  7. For the first time, the world championship will be held in winter, and not in summer, as it was in previous tournament seasons.
  8. The Qatari football team has never qualified for the World Cup, which explains the high interest in participating in the home match of the national team due to its automatic inclusion in the group.

Prohibition of alcohol

The Qatari authorities promised to partially lift the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in stores and their use in public places during the championship, with the only proviso that drinking will be allowed only in specially organized fan zones.

How many teams will participate

Thirty-two football teams will take part in the final. Even during the period of considering the possibility of Qatar’s participation as a candidate for hosting the 2023 FIFA World Cup, it was announced that twelve stadiums would be erected and reconstructed in the country for matches, six of which are located in Doha, the capital of the Qatari state.

To date, it is known for sure that a decision has been made to use eight facilities for matches. This number will be quite enough to organize games of thirty-two participating teams. Of the eight stadiums, only one is completely ready and put into operation, the rest are at various stages of construction.

Championship qualifying tournament

The World Championship will be held from November 21, 2023 to December 18, 2023. The beginning of the games is November 21, the end – December 18, which is 4 days less than the previous championships.

Clubs must release their players to their national teams no later than November 14, exactly seven days before the start of games in Qatar. It was originally planned to hold friendly championships and qualifiers for October 2023, but subsequently a decision was made to postpone the games. European national teams will play their friendly matches in May-June 2023.

2023 FIFA World Cup mascot

The development of the mascot will begin in 2019. Today there is already a colorful symbolic emblem of the World Cup.

When will there be a draw

In 2019, it is planned to hold a draw for participation in the qualifying round, in 2023 – a draw for participation in the final tournament. The place of the voting has not been announced.

Where to buy tickets for the 2023 FIFA World Cup

Similarly, there is no information about the start of ticket sales for the 2023 championship. On the main Internet sites, where tickets for world-class sports are usually sold, everyone can leave their personal data (email address) for feedback. As soon as information about the estimated start date of sales is received, the user will be promptly notified.

Given the love of Arabs for breathtaking architecture, which cannot be found either in Europe or in America, one can only guess how large-scale, interesting and exclusive football arenas will be, built with the efficiency characteristic of the countries of the Middle East. Fans should now think about visiting the World Cup in Qatar, because the organizers promise to organize for them not only visits to matches, but also a large-scale tourist and entertainment program, completely immersing them in the traditions, customs, and history of the country of the Arab world.

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