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Array in excel vba macro

Arrays in Visual Basic for Application are structures that typically store collections of related variables of the same type. The array records are accessed by their numeric index. For example, there is a team of 20 people whose names need to be saved for later use in VBA code. One could simply declare 20 variables to hold … Read more

Variables and Constants in VBA | Option Explicit Use in VBA | Data Types in Excel VBA | Data type 2022

Variables and constants in VBA 2022

In VBA, as in any other programming language, variables and constants are used to store values. As the name suggests, variables can change, while constants store fixed values. For example, the constant Pi stores the value 3.14159265 … The number “Pi” will not change during program execution, but it is still more convenient to store such a value … Read more

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VBA Code For Starter

When starting to practice writing VBA code, it is very important to develop good coding habits from the very beginning so that later on the written code is easy to read and understand how it works. In the process of writing code, a programmer can have a very clear idea of ​​what kind of code … Read more

Excel VBA For Beginner | Excel VBA Tutorial for New Programmer | Excel Visual Basic Editor 2022 | Running and editing macros Example

VBA Macro tutorial

We all have – some less often, some more often – to repeat the same actions and operations in Excel. Any office work involves some kind of “routine” – the same weekly reports, the same actions for processing incoming data, filling out monotonous tables or forms, etc. The use of macros and user-defined functions allows you to … Read more

Basic Excel Tutorial for Beginner | Excel Tutorial From Scratch | Excel Tutorial 2022 | Best Excel Tutorial for Beginner | Easy Tutorial for Beginner 2022

Basic Excel Tutorial for Beginner

The self-tutorial was created especially for beginner Excel users, more precisely for “complete figures”. Information is given in stages, starting from the very beginning. From section to section of the tutorial, more and more interesting and exciting things are offered. After completing the entire course, you will confidently apply your knowledge in practice and learn how to work … Read more